哪里有正规的网投平台 President Daren Otten shares a recap of the latest CMC 校董会 meeting and other CMC news for the week of August 15, 2023.




Hi, folks, it’s Daren Otten, superintendent, President at 哪里有正规的网投平台. This is your monthly podcast associated with the Thursday, September 14, 2023 board meeting. All of the details are available on-board docs, along with all of the specific attachments. 我欢迎并鼓励大家像今天一样去看一看. I want to talk primarily about a couple of highlights from last week’s meeting.

The big thing that I think everyone has been talking about is our 2023-2024 budget. It’s a pretty exciting time when we look at where our fund balance has ultimately gotten to over the last couple of years. 今年,我们采用的基金余额是66.65%, 这比我们董事会每月的最低储备金要高得多, 哪个是两个月的储备, 大概是17%吧. 但我们在这里的原因是非常有意的.

一次又一次, I want to thank everyone for the hard work over the last several years that has been intentional on getting to the place where we have the resources to invest in the salary schedules and address the long term liabilities of the district. 我想说的是,在我们上个学年结束的时候, 会计年度结束前两天, the state of California hit us with approximately a ten point eight percent deficit factor. 然后是他们通过的预算, they provided us another two point two nine percent deficit factor while they did provide us an 8.22 percent cola on this year’s budget, what you see there is still greater deficit factors.

新的资金被专门投入到大学的基金余额中. 考虑到这个时候我们已经完成了所有的工作, 我们仍然, 我为此感到骄傲,也理应如此, 有能力投资于CSA会员的工资表吗, 我们的教职员工, 现在最终我们的管理层也会开会讨论. It’s important that folks understand that this year’s adopted budget included the estimations around all of those salary schedule adjustments and is very, 非常准确的, 或者至少是我们能做到的最精确的, 考虑到从萨克拉门托来的流沙.

我们所知道的, 虽然, is that we’ve already been provided a health care employer increase that is expected to start in January of two percent. 目前还没有建模. 所以我们知道预算会受到特别的打击. 但除此之外, we are not aware of any expected expenses that we have not modeled into this year’s budget. It’s also important to note that we’re going to be in a situation where the hold harmless, 目前是基于17-18年的数据, 会在24 - 25赛季坐冷板凳吗.

这很好,因为它将使用我们之前的三年, 包括今年, 即使是在紧急情况下. 现在,在开车的时候,我们的注册仍然是我们的首要任务. The goal and the intent here is that we have maximized our position to ensure our ongoing revenues. 话虽如此, until we grow past the enrollment level that we are funded for and the student success funding formula in which we’re funded for, 我们不会看到任何额外的钱流入学院. 但是再一次, 我要感谢大家的辛勤工作, very intentional work that it took to get to this place where we could invest in the salary schedules. I do want to specifically talk a little bit about the fact that we move towards parity. 我们还没到那一步.

我们还有一些工作要做. But it is important that we understand that we’ve moved the needle very significantly for our bargaining groups and our meet and confer groups towards their regional peers. 在我们迈向未来的过程中,我们将继续为此努力. The other thing I want to mention about last week’s meeting is that the board affirmed their annual goals and my annual goals. And I want to appreciate everyone who took the time to inform and discuss and communicate whether it was at the April special study session, whether it was the July study session or subsequently last month as the board took feedback to develop these goals. 我想提醒很多人, 这些目标往往看起来互不相关, 甚至不一定, 你知道, 组织的方式,人们看到他们的日常工作, 这到底是什么意思?

这一切是怎么运作的? 我们如何实现这些目标? 董事会的目标告诉了我的目标. 我的目标最终会影响我的直接下属的目标. 这就是涓滴效应, 从理论上讲, is how we align everyone pulling on the rope in the same direction to ultimately achieve what the board has decided. 我们这样做至关重要. 这就是我们明年的目标. We will continue to have a process that will start in April and include folks who may not be around in the summer, such as many of the academic Senate members who wanted to participate in the conversation last year.

今年, we’re also going to be intentional and ensure that students have an opportunity to participate there, as that was one of the things that was brought to my attention that was missed. So this next year, again, we’ll start in April and I look forward to having those conversations. One of the other things I want to note here is some new employee introductions, Lakita Brown校园社区联系技术员. 你们很多人都知道她叫琪琪.

米歇尔·弗兰奇注册护理课程讲师, 布莱恩·本顿, 建筑行业讲师, 特蕾莎McCarty, 注册护理课程讲师和NRL协调员, 和JJ圣克鲁斯都是暂时的, 全职运动协调员和男子篮球教练. 欢迎来到学校,并感谢他们正在学习的所有工作. And this is something that we’re going to be doing actually at the beginning of each one of our board meetings going forward is employee recognition, 这可能包括, 你知道, new employee introductions or might include things like 10-year celebrations or other resolution celebrations.

最后, I want to thank Leigh Ann Christiansen and the academic Senate for addressing the general education, 哲学和机构学习成果, 围绕这两个特定项目编目语言和更新. 董事会进行了第一次宣读. It’s a very good discussion and these are things that are very important for us and ultimately inform our catalog and inform our students. The hard work that the Senate put into this again affirmed what we all know and love about higher education. 是的, 在某种程度上,你有一个非常具体的专业是很重要的, but the baseline of general education and the baseline of institutional learning outcomes are what we expect everyone leaves here with. 我要再次感谢学术委员会所做的工作.

这是你上周的最新进展. 一次又一次, I encourage you to go take a look at the board docs for specifics or more information about any of these or other topics that were covered last week. 祝你一个月愉快.